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1/2 Inch Twin Hammer Impact Wrench
Twin hammer impact mechanism is balanced & powerful
2 Inch Extended Anvil
Designed for tire service
Integrated Power Regulator
Control torque and speed during use
Rubber Grip
Added comfort & stability
Trigger Operated
Simple to use with either hand
Working Torque Specs
50-350 ft/lbs; 625 ft/lbs maximum handles tough tasks
1200 Impacts Per Minute
Gets the job done quickly & efficiently
1/4" NPT Air Inlet
Needs at least a 3/8" air hose
Consumes an average of 5.1 CFM; 28.6 CFM continuous use
Total CFM: 5.1
Tool CFM Rated: 26.1PSI
NPT: 1/4"
Size" 1/2"